16 Mar

International Festival of Diving and Recreational Activities

Immersion of a CMAS Commemorative Village in M'diq

The objective is to create an original diving site highlighting the solidarity of CMAS members and commemorating the distinctive symbols of each member country or organization.

Each CMAS member will place a commemorative building in the form of a giant amphora made of sculpted pottery or illustrating the chosen symbolism.

The seabed poses of the city of M'diq will take place simultaneously during the opening of the international festival of diving and leisure activities on 04 June 2022

The immersion of the CMAS Village is a real opportunity to communicate and to increase the notoriety of the region and especially to anchor the positioning of destination of the divers of the world through the development of the diving sector in Morocco.

The village will double as a marine life research center by hosting biologists and scientifiques. Des réserves d’espèces en voie de disparition seront protégées et doté d’un environnement favorable to their evolution.



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