24 Feb

About forty delegates representing the member countries of the world confederation of underwater activities participated in Tangier on Sunday, August 13, 1961 at the opening of the 2nd general assembly of this organization, under the presidency of Mr Serge Birn. At the end of this 1st session, the members of the executive council went to the airport to 

Commander J-Y Cousteau, coming from Paris by air.

After lunch, Mr. Cousteau participated in a sea excursion on the coast of Ksar Sghir. The same day at 6:00 pm, Mr. Cousteau and the congressmen proceeded to the visit of the medina of Tangier marked by its history.

Tangier represents a crossroads of civilizations between the East and the West.

Le Lendemain au début de l’aprés midi, le commandant Cousteau président de la CMAS, déclarait ouvert la deuxiéme assemblées générale de la CMAS et dans son discours d’ouverture, commençait par exprimer la gratitude de la CMAS aux autorités marocaines qui ont accueilli les congressistes dans des conditions particulièrement agréable.

The June 1, 2022The delegates of the federations who will be present in Tangier will follow in the footsteps of Captain J-Y Cousteau during their stay in Morocco...